About FarmLinkr

Our Purpose

To use technology and innovation to transform agriculture and the lives of our farmers in the developing economies in which we operate; and in so doing, visibly move the needle for national and economic developmental growth.

Our Mission

We develop relationships and contracts with both buyers and competent farmers, to create understanding of their needs and ensure timely delivery to them both of consistent market access for high quality fresh produce. We expand the growth and visibility of our business and its Ecommerce platform with both farmers and buyers, by using a mix of traditional and social media integrated marketing. We seek out and employ talented individuals to join our team that do business with integrity, treat our people and partners with fairness and respect and deliver WOW service to our customers.

Our Vision

To give every farmer we work with the opportunity to reach a market for their produce at harvest and each of our buyers, access to our high quality produce that they love whenever they need them for their homes and businesses.

Our Core Values

  • We do business with integrity
  • We treat our people & partners with fairness & respect
  • We give our customers WOW Service

Who We Are

FarmLinkr helps farmers and fresh produce re-sellers find more markets for their produce and get better prices by reaching direct buyers both locally and abroad. We also help buyers consistently source the best produce for their businesses and homes at competitive prices, by providing access to a wide range of sellers and great quality produce.

We are one of the first online marketplaces focusing on the selling of fresh farm produce by multiple farmers and re-sellers for purchase by both businesses and household consumers. We are committed to and believe in the transformation of the agricultural sector and with it the lives of our farmers. We believe in using technology to achieve this transformation and are using our platform to enable this. Our focus is on emerging economies where we believe this need is the greatest.

What We Do