Free Online Store

Via our online platform, we provide farmers and farm produce re-sellers with a FREE ONLINE STORE, enabling them to list their fresh produce for sale at no cost. This provides visibility to a much wider audience, both locally and internationally via our online farmers market.

Social Media & Direct Marketing

We do all the required marketing to bring traffic and buyers to our website, using social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, along with other direct selling methods. We also have a dedicated Blog focused on driving traffic to our site and to our fresh produce listings.

Easy Online Shopping

We provide buyers with access to a wide range of farmers and fresh produce suppliers, easy search functionality to find what they're looking for, a secure platform for making their purchases and a smooth online transaction process for a pleasant buying experience. We take the headache out of the buying and selling process so our buyers and sellers can focus on running their farm and/or their business.