FRUIT TREE-MENDOUS - Ackee Tree Collection - 50 Dwarf Ackee Trees included

By Nature Touch Farms From Jamaica

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Ackee fruits are in extremely short supply for the processing & manufacturing sectors!!!
Hence, we need to plant and grow more ackee trees!!!

Ackee is a native plant of Jamaica and is used in it's National Dish, Ackee and Fish. Ackee is also the National Fruit of Jamaica.
It is usually cooked and used in a similar fashion as eggs. The tree is a great value since Ackee is an expensive fruit and is rarely available fresh, canned Ackee Fruit usually retails for US$8-12 or more per can.

The Dwarf Ackee tree, reaching 10 to 15 ft, is rather hand some, usually with a short trunk to 6 ft ( 1.8 m) in circumference, and a dense crown of spreading branches. Its bark is gray and nearly smooth. The evergreen (rarely deciduous), alternate leaves are compound with 3 to 5 pairs of oblong, obovate-oblong, or elliptic leaflets, 6 to 12 in (15-30 cm) long, rounded at the base, short-pointed at the apex; bright-green and glossy on the upper surface, dull and paler and finely hairy on the veins on the under side. Bisexual and male flowers, borne together in simple racemes 3 to 7 in (7.5-17.5 cm) long, are fragrant, 5 petalled, white and hairy. The fruit is a leathery, pear shaped, more or less distinctly 3-lobed capsule 2 3/4 to 4 in (7-10 cm) long; basically yellow, more or less flushed with bright-scarlet. When it is fully mature, it splits open revealing 3 cream-colored, fleshy, glossy arils, crisp, somewhat nutty-flavored, attached to the large, black, nearly round, smooth, hard, shining seeds–nonnally 3; often 1 or 2 may be aborted. The base of each aril is attached to the inside of the stem-end of the "jacket" by pink or orange-red membranes.

The ackee tree is tropical to subtropical; flourishes from sea-level to an elevation of 3,000 ft (900 m) above sea level in Jamaica.

The tree does very well on limestone and on sandy loam soils, though it grows faster in more fertile soils.

There is some flowering and fruiting all year in Jamaica. However, there are two main bearing seasons: between January to March and June to August.

Get the best yields possible with our exclusive dwarf ackee trees.

PLEASE NOTE: 50 ackee trees are included in this collection. Occupies 1 acre of space.

PLEASE NOTE: Each batch includes 50 ackee trees. When making your purchase and 1 is selected for the quantity it is 50 trees.

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