Horse Plantain Suckers (Sold In Batches Of 1000 Suckers)

By Nature Touch Farms From Jamaica

Price $115,000.00

We supply quality plantain suckers that were bred and selected from high-performing sucker-producing parent plants and they are reputed for rapid growth, early fruiting, and high yield potential. Sold in batches of 1000 plantain suckers. ISLANDWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE can be arranged for your plantain suckers for an additional cost, which is added to your purchase price. Please contact us for more information.

NOTE: When placing an order. Each 1 that is selected is 1000 plantain suckers. For example, if you choose 2 that would be 2000 plantain suckers.

* A sucker is a lateral shoot that develops from the rhizome and usually emerges close to the parent plant.
* The offered products are high-quality suckers that produce healthy fruits and conversely make cultivation a profitable one for farmers.
* Available suckers include banana, plantain, and pineapple suckers.
* We sell in large quantities and we will be able to supply as much as you demand.

If you are planting a larger number of suckers then it makes sense to think carefully and plan the layout of the new field. To do this, you have to take into account: planting density, number of trees, shade trees, the slope of the field, and windbreaks.

Planting density refers to the number of trees you plant in a given area.

The planting density is influenced by:
* Size of the mature suckers (larger trees means lower planting density).
* Amount of maintenance you intend to do (higher planting density means higher maintenance, more pruning in particular).
* The soil fertility and if fertilizer will be applied every year.

Things needed for sucker planting
* Narrow digging bar
* Pruning shears or sharp scissors
* Shovel
* Compost
* Container (optional)
* Potting mix (optional)
* Mulch
* Fertilizer

Do not plant suckers that are affected by any type of disease or pest problem.

NOTE: If you require more information about planting, growing & production of plantains. Please contact us in the MESSAGE section. We also have a Plantain Crop Care & Nutrition Guide available for sale.

ISLANDWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE can be arranged for your plantain suckers for an additional cost. Please contact us for more information.

NOTE: All our plantain suckers are dug, cleaned and sold fresh. We do not sell stale plantain suckers. This process (digging & cleaning) can take up to 14 days to be complete depending on the weather.

Shipping Destination Single Item Additional Items
Jamaica $50,000.00 + $0.00

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Available for pick up at Nature Touch Farms.
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Nature Touch Farms
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