Yellow Watermelon (Pesticide & Fungicide-free) - Sold per lb. (minimum order 8 lbs.)

By Nature Touch Farms From Jamaica

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NOTE: Our watermelons are grown pesticide & fungicide-free

Yellow watermelons widely vary in size, depending on the specific variety, but are generally smaller than red-fleshed varieties.
The oblong to oval fruits have a thick, smooth, and hard green rind, covered in dark to light green mottling and striping.
Underneath the surface, the rind fades from green into white and is crisp, vegetal, and mild.

The flesh ranges in color from pale yellow to gold and is succulent, aqueous, and dense, sometimes containing large and edible, brown-black seeds or being completely seedless.
Yellow watermelons have a delicate and mellow, sweet flavor with subtle notes of honey and apricot.

Yellow watermelons are available year-round, with a peak season in the summer.

Nutritional Value
Yellow watermelons are a good source of vitamins A and C, which are antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system.
The fruits also contain some minerals, including potassium, which helps to regulate fluid levels in the body and provide magnesium, which can assist in controlling blood pressure.

Yellow watermelons have a subtly sweet flavor and are suitable for fresh applications.
There are many different varieties, and the flesh can be consumed straight, out-of-hand, sliced and mixed into fruit bowls, cut and tossed into salads, or chopped into salsa.
Yellow watermelons can also be juiced and stirred into fruit punches, blended into smoothies, mixed into cocktails, or combined into sorbets and shaved ice.
The fruits can be used interchangeably in recipes calling for red-fleshed watermelon, including recipes for salsa, simple syrups, cakes, and other desserts.

Beyond fresh applications, Yellow watermelon can be grilled or seared in a hot pan to caramelize the surface.

Yellow watermelon pairs well with herbs such as basil, cilantro, and parsley, peanuts, fruits such as coconut, citrus, and berries, cheeses such as feta, goat, and mozzarella, tomatoes, cucumber, and ginger.

Whole Yellow watermelons can be stored in the refrigerator when ripe for two weeks.
To determine ripeness, the rind will have a yellow spot, known as the belly, on the surface of the fruit if it is ripe.
If the fruit is immature, the spot will be white. Ripe fruits should also feel heavy and create a light, hollow sound when tapped.


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