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Honey is thick, sweet liquid made by honeybees. It is low in vitamins and minerals but may be high in some plant compounds.

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Thank you for supporting YIELD, please check produce when delivered
-if you fail to report damage on produce before 24 hrs after receiving produce Royalty Farm can not be held responsible.
- no refund without proof of spoilage
-replacing a produce will come at an extra delivery fee, if produce is out of stock you will be able to have a replacement after the next scheduled harvest date.
Please contact us at 806-1699

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Westmoreland (Fridays) Sav, Little London, Negril and Sheffield.

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- Minimum purchases for deliveries in St James is J$4000 of any combination of produce.


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YIELD started in 2016 on the Maitlands' family property by grandmother, mother, sister and grand daughter. We support youths in agriculture by providing a plots of the land for agricultural production to youths in Westmoreland.  This youth led  group is called (Young Innovative Entrepreneurs Leading Development), with emphasis on the importance of youth farmers in today's society.

We are located in the rural area of Westmoreland and are registered with RADA and always follow GAP guidelines to ensure the produce is healthy and safe for consumption.