Market Box

By Halifax Farms Jamaica From Jamaica

Price $3,500.00

The Market Box is a curated blend of the freshest ground provisions, richest seasonings, vegetables and fruits bringing farm quality right to your door without the market day hassle. The box consists of approximately 20 pounds (lbs) of produce which may vary depending on availability and season.
The Market Box includes:

1 lb Lettuce
1 lb Cucumber
1 lb Carrot
1.5 lb Cabbage
1 lb Pak Choi
1 lb Plummy Tomato
1 lb Onion
1 lb Escallion and Thyme
2 lb Yam
2 lb Sweet Potato
2 lb Pumpkin
2 Ripe Plantain

Shipping Destination Single Item Additional Items
Jamaica $600.00 + $0.00

Store Delivery Information

Please note we currently deliver ONLY to Kingston on Fridays.

This item is yet to be reviewed.

  • Deidre Lewis

    Deidre Lewis

    Can you substitute the Cucumber for something else?

    Halifax Farms Jamaica

    Halifax Farms Jamaica

    sure just tell us what

Halifax Farms Jamaica

We are a farm-to-table delivery service in St. Andrew, we deliver only to Kingston on Fridays.  We grow some things ourselves and partner with other farmers to bring you the freshest produce possible.