Our Team

Shelly Heaven, Founder & CEO

Recognising the importance and value of our agro-sector, Shelly conceptualised and started FarmLinkr in Feb 2017, to assist with delivering her vision of seeing Jamaica as a developed country in her lifetime. Shelly believes agriculture is a “sleeping gold mine” that can be leveraged to significantly contribute to economic growth in developing economies. She believes that farmers should be prosperous and can benefit more from their contribution to our food value chain, with the right production and marketing models. She created FarmLinkr to tap into this potential by working together with buyers and farmers, to bridge the communication gap and provide consistency of supply and market access to them both, in a mutually beneficial arrangement. These perspectives are built into the FarmLinkr vision, mission and purpose, which Shelly works daily to develop and grow the company to achieve.

Alexander Kasendwa, Co-Founder

As COO for FarmLinkr, Alexander is in charge of securing functionality of the company’s global operations across the various developing economy regions that the company enters. FarmLinkr is interested in operating in developing economies with a focus on agriculture such as in the Caribbean as well as Uganda, Kenya and others and contribute to driving development in these regions. Alexander's experience and knowledge of these markets enables him to develop entry plans that will drive significant and ongoing sustainable growth and development for the business.