How It Works for Shoppers

Shopping with us is easy and just like shopping on any of the other major Ecommerce marketplaces you're familiar with such as Amazon or Etsy.

Placing Your Order

FarmLinkr is an online farmers marketplace, not a store. This means you have the benefit of ordering farm fresh produce from many farmers across the island, delivered straight to your door. The best part is, you can actually buy from several of these sellers and checkout only once, just like on Amazon.

Each seller therefore has their own shipping and delivery terms such as:

  • Number of days before delivery dispatch
  • Weekly delivery days
  • Delivery locations
  • Minimum order values - orders below this amount won't be eligible for delivery
  • Delivery fees and free shipping terms where applicable
  • Refunds & Returns Policy

To ensure you don't get caught off guard, be sure to review this info for each seller you shop with. You can do this by simply clicking on any item sold by a specific seller and then view their shipping and delivery details. You'll also see these details on the Cart and Checkout pages.

Checkout & Payment

Once you're finished shopping, click Checkout to go to the Delivery Information page to enter your delivery address. Once you're done, click Continue to go to the Payments page.

Payments are powered by the First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) Payment Engine. Simply select the Debit/Credit Card button, which will direct you to the FAC screen where you can enter your details. We accept VISA MasterCard and Keycard and have the latest 3D Secure technology for processing online payments such as MasterCard Identity Check and VISA Secure. Once you're done, click Submit to complete your transaction.

FAC Checkout Example

Receiving Your Delivery

Once you've completed checkout, you'll receive an order confirmation email, showing your order details for future reference. If you'd like to be able to log in and view your order or send a message to the seller, then be sure to create an account. You can do this either before placing your order or right after. The next time you'll hear from the seller is when your delivery is dispatched. You'll get an email telling you it's on its way. If you'd like an estimate of when your delivery will be, the delivery details you reviewed before will guide you. For example, if the seller says delivery will be within 3 days but only two days per week on Thursdays and Fridays, and you placed your order on Sunday, then you should get your delivery by Thursday.

There you have it!! All the key things to keep in mind to guide your shopping experience with us. If after you've shopped you feel we have left some things out, that you feel are also pretty important, please don't hesitate to let us know. Just click Contact Us and send us your suggestions. While we can't guarantee that we will include absolutely every suggestion, we will certainly consider them. If you still have more questions, you may visit our FAQs page to see if they're answered there.

Thanks for choosing to shop with us!

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