How to Customise Your Store on FarmLinkr

Congratulations! You’ve already signed up and created your store on FarmLinkr. You now need to customise it. This means adding the required details to your store to operate effectively and customise the look and feel of your online store front. This is easy, there are three simple steps:

1. Update General Store Info & Appearance

2. Update Shipping & Returns Info

3. Check & Update Billing/Selling Currency Details

Below are the details of the three Simple Steps for you to follow:

1. Update General Store Info & Appearance

Click on Settings and select Info & Appearance from the drop down menu. See figure 1 below.

Figure 1

Update and review the store details field with the correct information such as the store’s name, description and business address. See Figures 2 and 3 below.

Figure 2

Provide a brief Description of your store. For example: What is the store’s key selling point or what makes your store different from the rest or why buyers should shop with you? See screenshot below.

Figure 3

If you wish to provide your business address information, feel free to do so however this is optional. See figure 4 below.

Figure 4

Once you are finished filling in the information in this section, be sure to select the ‘Save’ button at the bottom-right at the end of the page. See figure 5 below.

Next there are some other optional information that you need to check and update.

Figure 5

Scroll to the top of the page then Click on Settings again and select Options. See figure 6 below.

Figure 6

With the options tab you can change/update features and settings such as Vacation mode, Store background image, Google analytics tracking and tags.

If you ever need to go on vacation and don’t have anyone to manage your store while you’re off, you can put your store in vacation mode. Simply check the box beside Enable vacation mode and enter the dates that you will be on vacation.

See figure 7 below.

Figure 7

You may also use the Store Background Image section to add a background image for your store.

To add a background image, click on the + symbol, then click choose image, then select the image from your computer, then click Save.

See figure 8 below for an example of an added background image.

Figure 8

Tags are used to help buyers find your store online and they also create awareness about the types of produce you sell. Examples of tags include: Local Fresh Fruits or Buy Local Fresh Fruits Online. Type the Tag in the box provided and press Enter for it to be updated and then type the next one, such as Buy local strawberries online, if you’re selling strawberries. See Figure 9 below.

Figure 9

For google analytics, you will require the assistance of a technical person, if you do not have one, there is no need to worry, you can leave this section blank for the moment. Once you have filled out this information select the ‘Save’ button at the bottom right at the end of the page.

2. Update Shipping & Returns Info

To update Shipping Info, Click on Settings again and select Shipping Settings

See Figure 10 below

Figure 10

Shipping Message

Be sure to provide shoppers with the relevant shipping information they will need prior to completing their purchases. Let shoppers know important details such as which days you will be delivering their items, so they know what to expect. Tell them the hours for delivery on those specific days See figure 11 below. Also let them know how many days after an order is placed they will receive their deliveries.

If you have a Free Shipping promotion, tell them this also. The more information you provide will help shoppers to understand exactly what to expect, this will increase the likelihood of them being satisfied with your service when you deliver what was promised. Type all the details required into the box provided.

Have a look at some of the examples of what other sellers on the marketplace have put. You may also check out the shipping details on the FarmLinkr SuperStore on the website.

You may want to also provide the geographical location and the spend amount for which shoppers will qualify to have their items shipped free of cost.

Figure 11

Returns Policy

Each store must clearly establish their Return Policy, which will help potential shoppers know their rights when they purchase from your store, See figure 12 below. For example: We do our very best to ensure that everything is perfect with your order and you are 100% satisfied. However, we know that sometimes even with our best efforts things can still go wrong. If there is ever an issue with your order such as a missing item or other problems with an item received, please get in touch with us within 48 hours so we can organize a replacement ASAP. If an item was missing from your order and you no longer need it, you may also request a refund or replacement in a future delivery. Type all the required details for your Return Policy into the box provided.

Figure 12

Shipping Mode

Each store is allowed one shipping mode, which may be profile-based, weight-based or basic. The stores are created with profile-based as the default, this is the most popular. See figure 12 above.

Profile Based: is ideal if you have a standard delivery fee for most packages and then would like to utilize free shipping for orders above a specific dollar value. For example: all home delivery orders below $3500.00 will have a standard delivery fee of $700.00.

Weight Based: If you are selling items wholesale and would like to charge shipping fee based on weight then use this option. Note: Free shipping can only be set for orders above a certain dollar value, so if you would like to offer free shipping this will be difficult to set up if you use weight-based shipping. It may be better to use Profile Based and incorporate at least some of the delivery costs in prices of the products listed. See figure 12 above.

Basic: This allows you to set a shipping/delivery fee for each item you list on the site. For example: If you are selling items to be shipped abroad such as dried Irish Moss or dried Moringa leaves or seeds, the shipping/freight will vary depending on the item listed, so this will be the right option for you. See figure 12 above.

To change the default Shipping Mode, click on the drop down arrow and select the option of your choice.

Now that you have set the Shipping Mode, you now need to create your first Shipping Profile.

Shipping Profile

To create your Shipping Profile click Add a new shipping profile

See figure 13 below.

Figure 13

For Name type Standard Shipping. You can either choose to have the same shipping and delivery fee islandwide, or you can have a different fee for specific locations. For e.g. $700 for Kingston deliveries and $1000 for Clarendon. If you intend to use more than 1 delivery fee, then we suggest you add the location in brackets. For e.g. Standard Shipping (Kingston). See figure 14 below.

Figure 14

Our recommendation is to use a single delivery fee islandwide. Otherwise, you will need to add a different listing (of strawberries for e.g.) for each location, as each listing has a shipping profile assigned.

Under the Destination section, click the drop down arrow and choose Jamaica (if using single delivery fee islandwide). Under Single Item, enter the intended delivery fee, e.g. $700. Under Additional Items enter 0.00.

If you will use different fees or have different items available for delivery only in specific locations, then under Destination, select the location such as Manchester instead of Jamaica.

See figure 15 below.

Figure 15

Once you are confident with the information provided to your shoppers, select the ‘Save’ button. Figure 16 below demonstrates what the shipping profile will look like once you have completed this step.

Figure 16

Add Free Shipping

If you have a Free Shipping promotion or offer, and added this to your Shipping Message above; you will now need to set it up here. To create your Free Shipping profile, select either ‘Add a new free shipping profile or Create your first free shipping profile’ See figure 17 below.

Figure 17

You are now required to select the destination and enter the total spend amount which qualifies shoppers for free shipping. See Figure 18 Below

Figure 18

Click the drop down arrow beside Rest of World, scroll down and select Jamaica. Enter the Free Shipping amount e.g. $3500. See Figures 19 Below.

Figure 19

Therefore items purchased at a value equal to or greater than $3500.00 will qualify for free shipping in Jamaica. Be sure to select ‘Save’ once you have entered this information.

Figure 20 below shows how the saved information will appear on the portal.

Figure 20

3. Check & Update Billing/Selling Currency Details

To update your Billing /Selling Currency Details, Click the Settings Menu again and Select Billing Settings. See figure 21 below

Figure 21

The currency in which you manage the items you are selling in is default to JMD. However, Shoppers will be able to switch currency they wish to view items, the site will automatically convert these. If you wish to sell your items in another currency such as USD, you should change this here now. It is important to set the correct currency before creating your first and other listings.

To change the currency, click on the drop-down arrow beside Jamaican Dollar. Scroll to the desired currency such as USD and select it. Do this only if you wish to manage your items in a different currency than JMD. Otherwise, you may leave the default setting. Please note, all checkout will take place in the Platform's default currency, which is JMD.

Next, scroll down to Local JMD Bank Account Details. Click Edit Bank Details. Enter the details for your local JMD bank account where you would like funds from your sales to be paid. You will need to enter the name of the bank and branch, the type of account (savings or chequing), the account name and the account number. The bank name, branch name and account type are to be selected from the drop-down list. It is important to enter the correct information here, to avoid delays of your payments from sales.

Be sure to select the ‘Save’ button at the bottom right at the end of the page. See figures 22 and 23 below.

Figure 22

Figure 23

Congratulations! Your Store Set Up and customisation is now complete! It’s now time to Create Your First Listing! Click on this link to get started: How to Create Your First Listing on FarmLinkr