'Fruit Tree-Mendous to Feed Us' Labour Day 2023 Campaign

About the Campaign

What are you doing this Labour Day?

FarmLinkr wants to get you and all Jamaicans to plant a fruit tree in time for this Labour Day and for many days after. The campaign has a target of 5,000 fruit trees to be planted by Labour Day. The initiative, developed and executed in partnership with Nature Touch Farms, is seeking to encourage Jamaicans anywhere they are, to purchase a fruit tree from Nature Touch Farms through FarmLinkr's online platform, for planting in local communities. The campaign's slogan is 'Fruit Tree-Mendous To Feed Us'

The campaign, which will be using multiple media platforms to spread awareness for the initiative will lead up to Labour Day, ending with a day of planting trees from several sponsored companies. The trees will be planted at Nature Touch Farms, in Windsor Castle Portland.

Campaign Objectives

  • Planting 5000 fruit trees by Labour Day 2023
  • Increasing the country's overall stock of orchards and orchard fruits
  • Promoting Jamaica's Food Security

How to Get Involved - Individuals?

Getting involved is easy! See the steps below:

  1. Shop for fruit trees on the FarmLinkr website (There's free delivery islandwide to your nearest Knutsford Express pick up location, for all fruit tree purchases)
  2. Receive and plant your fruit trees
  3. Post on social media and tag us @FarmLinkr

How to Get Involved - Corporates

  1. Companies are invited to sponsor 50 or more fruit trees on the website. Click here to purchase
  2. Sponsored fruit trees may be planted as part of our Labour Day Project at Nature Touch Farms in Windsor Castle Portland, in an area prepared for you. You may participate with your team or we can have members of the community from nearby schools plant the trees for you. Alternatively, you may plant your trees on another day and in a location of your choice. In this case, you will be responsible for preparing the area for your planting event.

Bookmark this page and come back for more updates throughout the campaign and of course, follow us on Social Media @FarmLinkr

Thanks for choosing to shop with us!