FarmLinkr Welcomes 3 New Vendors on its Online Platform!

FarmLinkr congratulates and welcomes its 3 new vendors to the site that have now listed their produce for sale!

We’re excited to have these new listings posted as we continue to work with farmers to increase listings and the variety of produce available on the site.

Creating an online store on the FarmLinkr website, gives farmers the opportunity to share their produce with the rest of Jamaica and the world, reaching a much wider audience and ultimately promoting more sales.

The new stores are:

Bush and Water

Showcasing local callaloo, shredded and by the bundle

Peter B’s Farm

Showcasing locally grown salad tomatoes, ripe and turn

Fitzroy’s Organic Farm

Featuring locally grown Jamaican strawberries

We invite you to visit their online stores and view and purchase their items or share with your friends on social media.

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